I am currently turning Online Language Help into a real, hopefully profit making company. I am also working on a mobile site for the City of Bloomington.


Designed patient portal and electronic medical record (EMR) system, developed front-end interactions with jQuery.

Online Language Help

Designed and developed iOS and web apps for learning Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Hebrew.


E-learning start-up company founded by Informatics and Education Professor Marty Siegel, scheduled to launch Q4 2009.

Master Address

Used participatory design techniques with the Geographical Information System department of the City of Bloomington, IN to create the interface for their master address database.

25 Things About Us & The Album Cover Game

Two Facebook applications that captured the "25 Things" and "Flickr Album Cover" memetics.

CIty of Bloomington, IN Homepage

Three part process: 1) Add slideshow to homepage ASAP, 2) improve usability of myBloomington ASAP 3) propose larger redesign of website

The Creatulator

"Research Toy" for early Capstone idea about inspiring creativity.

Global Redirective Practices

Provided social and collaborative design analysis for online workshop Tony Fry's of Queensland University course on Global Redirective Practices.

Intensive Freshman Seminars

Marketing and registration site for Indiana University Bloomington's summer program for pre-Freshman

Personal Position - What Makes a Designer a Designer?

This is my personal design theory presentation for Erik Stolterman's "Design Theory" course.


A simple prototype to explore the use of ambiguous design in creative inspiration.

Design Philosophy

Design is about creating meaning. The meaning of an object changes depending on its context. Because of that, careful observation of an artifact's use in context is key.

Good design makes functionality obvious in the most subtle ways. It strives for simplicity, but is not simplistic.

As a designer I strive to make the world a more understandable, meaningful place. It is a lifelong process of observation, construction, and evaluation.

My Twitter Feed

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